open-PLAYER Installation: Valeska Soares “Flip Book”

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Video Pick – Robert Adanto: The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide investigates China’s meteoric march toward the future through the work of some of its most talented emerging artists, whose work reflects the country’s rising influence as an economic, political and cultural force in the global arena.

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Video Pick – Megan McLarney: Forest

open-PLAYER is starting a collaboration with Megan McLarney on a number of video projects. Here’s an example of Megan’s video work:

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Video will be installed in a digital video frame with embedded open-PLAYER system. The artist will be able to upload remotely, over the Internet, new video material to the digital video frame.

Additionally, we will build an open-PLAYER multi-channel capable system for Mehan’s “Video Landscapes” multichannel panoramic videos…

Video Pick – Ana Prvacki: TVC for Money Laundering Wet Wipes

Video Pick of the Week aims to highlight the diversity of the video genre, and the new and experimental approaches that characterize the medium. Our goal is to introduce our audience to the wide range of contemporary explorations in video art, documentary, animation and so forth with a selection of works that often translates the blurring of boundaries so characteristic of present video production. The first entry in our Video Pick of the Week is “At the tips of your fingertips (towards a clean money culture)” by Ana Prvacki. This video is a TVC for money laundering wet wipes.

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Extract from “Face Value”, catalogue essay, 25 Years Later: Welcome to Art in General, UBS Art Gallery, New York, 16 August-9 November 2007.

There can be a subtle beauty to futile actions. Within the context of a global bank that handles millions of dollars each day, Ana Prvacki sets up a money cleaning service that cleanses and “purifies” one note at a time through the use of specially branded wet wipes. Setting up the UBS space to test demand for her new product, Prvacki enters into an ongoing collaboration with the general public. As a project, this fits perfectly within her broader lifestyle consultancy, Ananatural Production, which she founded in 2003 to explore the esthetics of consumer goods, as well as the propagation of ideas, brands, or “mantras” that are designed to frame a way of living. Work embodies lifestyle, and an obsession with cleanliness is at the core of both. While consumers spend millions of dollars on attractive beauty products that contain harmful chemicals and colorants, Prvacki’s mail-order catalogue offers solutions such as a papaya face wash or a soap/soup bar that can be used both as a body cleanser and as a nourishing meal.3 These are recipes, suggestions and instructions for experiences that are both physical and psychological.

In cleaning each note by hand in an almost ritualistic way, Prvacki provides her clients with money that is fresh enough to use as a face wipe. But in doing so within the context of the UBS lobby, she becomes a kind of institutional Sisyphus, momentarily achieving the goal of cleanliness and then immediately failing as the note becomes “contaminated” on receipt by its owner. Given that some believe the actual value of the note may also be diminished through the act of cleaning, 4 the poetry of the piece lies in the sheer absurdity of the endeavor.

Anne J. Barlow