John O’Connell: Like A Shark in The Grass

John O’Connell’s first solo exhibition in New York is on view at Location One.
Short excerpt from the three channel video piece:

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Batty Cave In The Wilderness: Christy Gast @ The Miami Art Museum

Christy Gast‘s three channel video installation (powered by open-PLAYER) will be featured alongside other large scale works by Darren Almond, David Brooks, Tacity Dean, and Allan McCollum, in addition to works by Mathew Buckingham, Aramis Gutierrez and Fernando Ortega. The Wilderness is a thematic group exhibition (curated By Rene Morales) about the real or imagined boundaries between tamed and untamed nature.

open-PLAYER Installation: Cliff Evans @ Krannert Art Museum

Another rerun of Cliff Evans’ five channel video “Empyrean” is included in the group show Under Control at Krannert Art Museum in Champaign IL.


open-PLAYER Installation: Valeska Soares “Flip Book”

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open-PLAYER Hack: WDTV Custom Theme and Auto Start Video

Recently open-PLAYER installations for single channel videos mostly run on Western Digital TV Media Player. Open Source community has developed a series of professional grade updates: from firmware all the way to customized menus and package management.

The major problem for stand-alone installation was that one needed to initialize the playback via remote control, and after that the player will smoothly loop video. This open-PLAYER hack solves that problem and enables automatic playback of video(s) on the enclosed USB drive.

Software needed is enhanced WDTV firmware WDLXTV, Optware for WDTV, eiri and custom theme skeleton.

Luisa Rabbia’s Travels with Isabella and Cliff Evans’ Bare Life run now using this WDTV hack, as well as all VOS videos.

ARTLURKER: Christy Gast’s Mounted Horse Men via open-PLAYER

Very nice write up in ArtLurker about Christy Gast’s Mounted Horse project:

Her most recent project, Mounted Horse Men, can be expressed as part sculpture, part accessory, part documentary; a primitive tool that, once removed from its sheath and inserted into a USB drive, launches a national video study of men imposing order upon landscape.

open-PLAYER powers a permanent installations in Inhotim (Brazil)

Instituto Inhotim in Brazil launched an event titled Nine New Destinations to celebrate inauguration of nine permanent works. The large-scale works that could only be built in a place like Inhotim are by the artists Chris Burden, Doug Aitken, Edgard de Souza, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Jorge Macchi, Matthew Barney, Rivane Neuenschwander, Valeska Soares, and Yayoi Kusama.

open-PLAYER powers Folly (2005-2009), a video piece by Valeska Soares. Folly (2005-2009) is an adaption of a work originally produced and exhibited in Belo Horizonte in 2002, and was completely remastered and synchronized with 6-channel surround sound for this permanent installation at Inhotim.

Cliff Evans @ The Haggerty Museum of Art

Another multi-channel open-PLAYER installation: Cliff Evans w/Terrorfarmer with their 15 Reasons to Go to War 3-Channel video will participate in the group exhibition Jump Cut Pop. The exhibition features works by Evans + Fukui + Hammond + Paolozzi + Rosler + Yokoo inspired by the Pop Art movement.

Video-on-Stick – Nebojša Šeric Shoba : Liberte Tojours (Freedom Forever)

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(Low-resolution 30 sec excerpt)

Tobacco, alcohol and gun companies continue to distribute their products worldwide despite the harm that they cause to the health of their consumers and people still buy these goods despite the risks to their wellbeing that they inevitably expose themselves to. Many of the companies negotiate selling harmful products to the public by printing warning labels on the packaging. These warnings take on the role of educating the consumers and moralizing to them about their choices, thus becoming some kind of limbo between product and consumer. By doing so, companies are trying to create smokescreens for easier access to the market, and by re-branding their products they hope that their products will seem less harmful than they actually are. Of course, nothing is changed within the products themselves. Cigarette companies have begun?seemingly?aggressively cautioning their consumers by creating large, bold warning signs on each cigarette box. Although the messages that can be found on the boxes seem harsh, they are not disturbing enough to ward people off from smoking. Most smokers never notice the signage on the boxes. Why not use that space to convey a message people would notice?

Artist’s Website

Video on USB sticks, with open-PLAYER software. Edition of 20, $200 each.

Luisa Rabbia: open-PLAYER Video Installation in Torino

The video Travels with Isabella, Travel Scrapbooks 1883/2008 was conceived during the artist’s residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and was presented as a solo show in 2008, (also powered by open-PLAYER). Video excerpt:

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Artist’s Website