open-PLAYER Installation: Valeska Soares “Flip Book”

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open-PLAYER Hack: WDTV Custom Theme and Auto Start Video

Recently open-PLAYER installations for single channel videos mostly run on Western Digital TV Media Player. Open Source community has developed a series of professional grade updates: from firmware all the way to customized menus and package management.

The major problem for stand-alone installation was that one needed to initialize the playback via remote control, and after that the player will smoothly loop video. This open-PLAYER hack solves that problem and enables automatic playback of video(s) on the enclosed USB drive.

Software needed is enhanced WDTV firmware WDLXTV, Optware for WDTV, eiri and custom theme skeleton.

Luisa Rabbia’s Travels with Isabella and Cliff Evans’ Bare Life run now using this WDTV hack, as well as all VOS videos.

ARTLURKER: Christy Gast’s Mounted Horse Men via open-PLAYER

Very nice write up in ArtLurker about Christy Gast’s Mounted Horse project:

Her most recent project, Mounted Horse Men, can be expressed as part sculpture, part accessory, part documentary; a primitive tool that, once removed from its sheath and inserted into a USB drive, launches a national video study of men imposing order upon landscape.